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3DR Solo Quadcopter from 3DRobotics - Grade A Open Box

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Open Box Grade A Solo

This quadcopter is an ex-demo model. It has never been flown and is in immaculate condition with all original parts and accessories.

3DR Solo Quadcopter from 3DRobotics
Life After Gravity

Evolution begins at the press of a button.

The 3DRobotics Solo is a real game changer of a quadcopter. Classed as both the world's smartest drone as well as the easiest to fly, anyone can make brilliant movies and take beautiful stills with the Solo. 

Watch the solo drone video

One of the most advanced
flight controllers available

The 3DR Solo encompasses the technology of two
computers and the Pixhawk 2 autopilot system.

Perhaps the most advanced flight controller in the world. Stream live HD video directly from your GoPro to an Android or iOSD device using an extremely powerful and dedicated WiFi stream.

Smart Shots and Dronies (Selfies)

An amazing feature of the Solo is "smart shots". This allows you to create create cinema quality shots including:

Cable Cam - Smart Shot Solo Drone Cablecam
Select two points in space and the Solo will move between them, allowing you to concentrate on your pan/tilt shot. Alternatively you can have the Solo memorise the first and last frames to do everything for you! Just click "Play" and watch Solo go to it.
Orbit - Smart Shot Solo Drone Orbit
Select a "target" and the Solo will circle it creating amazing shots from all angles.
Selfie - Smart Shot Solo Drone Selfie
A single click will send the Solo up and away from you, turn to face you and take a selfie. Solo will keep you right in the centre of the shot.
Follow - Smart Shot Solo Drone Follow
Using amazing, innovative technology, the Solo will keep you in the centre of the shot and enable totally hands free flying. The Solo will follow you whatever you do - allowing you to capture amazing shots of you cycling, walking, wake boarding, skate boarding, or whatever you enjoy.

A controller that's smarter than most drones.

The only controller on the planet with its own 1 GHz computer.

The new "gaming style" controller is much easier to use and you gain full access to the GoPro's settings when using the Solo gimbal. The controller even has a pause button which activates the airbrake to stop the Solo midflight! 

3DR Solo Gimbal package

Find the 3DR Solo 3-axis stabilised gimbal here or buy the Solo and gimbal package together here.

A future proof drone

3DR incorporated technology into Solo that ensures you won't have to replace the platform any time soon - instead your Solo will grow and adapt.

3DR has already released teasers of the next additions to Solo. Solo's accessory ports stand ready for exciting new modules; LiDAR will enable stablised indoor flight, a ballistic parachute system, "Flight Rewind" and many more exciting features are due for release soon.

Spare Battery

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