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Circular Polarized Antenna Set Vonista 5.8GHz RHCP

  • Brand: Vonista
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Vonista 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna Set

  • SMA connector
  • SWR≤1.5
  • Antenna uses a high quality semi-rigid cable, that can be bent to any angle and maintain its shape in any orientation.
  • Set includes long 4-leaf Skew Planar Wheel for your receiver and short 3-leaf Skew-Planar Wheel for your aircraft. 
  • Circular Polarised antennas help with multipath rejection - they reject up to 9dBi of multipath interference, essentially getting rid of it entirely.
  • Circular Polarised antennas help with polarisation mismatch - eg if your plane is banked over and your antenna is not vertical it doesn't matter with a CP antenna!
  • Excellent build quality. 

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