About Us

FirstPersonView.co.uk is proud to have offered the first UK FPV systems in early 2008. For a blast from the past see our promotional video from February 2008 here! We also sold the first UK Quadcopter kit in January 2010. Here's a video of that early quadcopter kit from January 2010. We've been providing the UK with high-quality quadcopters, camera drones, Fatshark and ImmersionRC plug and play FPV systems for over 7 years and we've loved every minute of it!

Simply install one of our tiny wireless FPV cameras on the aircraft (a plane, quadcopter or "camera drone" if you prefer) and wear the wireless Fatshark video goggles, then you're ready to take to the skies!  You control the aircraft using a standard radio control transmitter as usual.  FPV takes RC flying to a whole new level of exhilaration and fun.

Industry Leaders

Our Managing Director Simon Dale is the Founder and Chairman of the UK FPV Association FPV UK (www.fpvuk.org).  In this role Simon works with the CAA, NATS, DfT, BALPA, ARPAS, BMFA, LMA, SAA, BFPVRA, etc to represent the interests of FPV and "drone" pilots to protect the sport/ hobby from over-regulation and to help it grow.

Simon also created and maintains FPVHUB.com (www.fpvhub.com) - the biggest and best FPV and quadcopter community in the UK..

Quadcopters, camera drones and FPV

We have been offering customers the best FPV gear and the best possible service and support since early 2008, flying FPV ourselves for longer, and flying Radio Control Models and quadcopters for a lot longer than that! Check out the FirstPersonView.co.uk Facebook page here for some photos of Simon aged 10 with his models, and his dad on his wedding day (we won't say how long ago, but flares were in fashion, the first time around)!

Please take a look around and if you have any questions we're only an message away.