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DJI have just announced new versions of the incredibly popular Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision+ What’s changed? New remote control – the new remote has a gimbal control dial rather than the tilt lever, offering better control. It also has a built-in rechargeable LPo and battery level LED indicators. If you pull the throttle stock all […]

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More and more these days we are seeing quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters –  all types of drones used in new and innovative ways. This time OK Go have used a DJI S1000 to get some amazing shots in their music video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’. The use of the S1000 in their video has […]

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The Walkera Scout X4 has landed and an unboxing video unveiled! With up to 128 waypoint planning, follow me mode, real time telemetry monitoring,a lengthy flight time of up to 25 minutes and also the ability to change from 4 motors to 8 you have to try the Walkera Scout X4 out! For the unboxing video […]

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DJI have released the S1000+ The alternative, and more affordable version of the S1000. You can pre-order from us here:             It performs in the same way as the S1000, it just uses different materials, making it a more affordable professional solution. It still has the same great features […]

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  The Futaba 14SG 2.4GHz with R7008 SB Receiver is now available from FirstPersonView.  Perfect for any pilot looking for a more flexible and feature packed transmitter. Compatible with Futaba FASST and S-FHSS protocols. Amazing transmitter with a list of features as long as your arm yet still extremely user friendly. Here is an introduction […]

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Now available to pre-order are the new hard cases from B&W to hold your GoPro and all accessories. We currently have 2 types.  The single layered and then there is also the double layered hard case for those who have more than one GoPro or several mounts. You could even store your Black Pearl screen […]

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                        The latest hardcase from B&W has now arrived at FirstPersonView HQ. Sturdy, dustproof and Watertight this is a must for all seasoned FPVers! At £183 inc VAT this is one case not to be missed. This is now available for ordering via  

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            The Nixie will fly from your wrist, ace you and take video footage. Currently under development and a finalist in the “Intel Make It Wearable” Challenge. We hope the Nixie is successful and we are able to stock this for you at FirstPersonView! A great small FPV quadcopter worn […]

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  ImmersionRC have just announced their EzAntennaTracker V2! Now available to purchase. A hybrid groundstation/antenna tracker supports some serious servos and can “swing some high-gain antennas” on any of the bands used for FPV Up-links and down-links. Main changes from it’s predecessor are: No more messy cabling, heatshrink or external BEC! Slick and professional aluminium […]