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At we like to offer our customers the absolute best deals possible. That’s why for this weekend, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we are offering you the chance to grab a bargain and maybe even an early Christmas present or two – go on, treat yourself (or a loved one!) So what have […]

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We all know that DJI service centre times have been too long in the past. This is why we try to do as many repairs in house as we possibly can (but we can’t do gimbals, DJI won’t release the parts, tools or manuals to us). When I was in China at DJI they told […]

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With drones (also known as quadcopters or multicopters) cropping up in almost every area of life at the moment, it’s unsurprising that more people are looking at what’s available and coveting one of these exciting gadgets for Christmas! Do you want to buy a lucky loved one / family member /  friend an awesome piece […]

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DJI made a very important announcement on Thursday, but it was somewhat overshadowed by the release of their new product the Inspire 1.  The announcement was the release of an SDK (Software Development Kit) for their Phantom series aircraft. There are two levels of SDK access – the first allows access to the Phantom 2 […]

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DJI Inspire 1 T600 When DJI invited us to their Shenzhen HQ for a “new product launch” we knew nothing about the new product – apart from that it wasn’t going to replace the Phantom series or the Spreading Wings S900/ S1000 series. As the event got closer though several leaked photos surfaced and even […]

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  That’s right! The DJI Inspire 1 has now been launched.  Simon travelled by air, land and sea to get to Hong Kong for the official DJI launch. The list of specs is mighty impressive with a 4K camera, 360 degree shooting capability Retractable arms, folding propellers for ease of packing and up to 22 […]

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That’s right! You can watch the launch live on our blog at 4:30pm US Pacific time 12th November 2014. Simon is currently out in Hong Kong with DJI having meetings regarding the latest releases from DJI In particular, the Inspire 1. We cannot wait to watch the launch back at FirstPersonView HQ and invite you to […]

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So we’ve already had the Flytrex live, they now release the Live 3G for your Phantom 2 V2 or Blade 360. Using a microSD card with data plan you can track your live flight path, earn badges and track your performance online. Live telemetry and Google Maps integration! Great piece of kit and a brilliant […]

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DJI have released a very exciting teaser trailer to get people talking about their new drone – Inspire 1. You can watch the video here: The video doesn’t give much away, but we know that more will be revealed about the drone on November 12th! Our very own Simon will be making his way over […]