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Huge Investment In Yuneec The highly respected and world renowned computer technology company Intel corp, has invested 64 million dollars into innovative company Yuneec. So far Yuneec have blown us away with the Typhoon Quadcopter Q500 and 4K ready to fly. This investment is very exciting news for the drone market. With Yuneec’s innovative designs […]

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3D Robotics Release Solo App Update: V1.1.0 This exciting release means one thing: the 3DR Solo Gimbal for the Solo Quadcopter is on the way! This app update is needed in order for the Solo Gimbal to work, and to unlock some exciting extra features. You can download the app today from the App store […]

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About the 3DR Solo The 3DR Solo quadcopter looks more at home on the set of Battlestar Galactica than it does flying over the fjords and fields of planet Earth. However, it doesn’t just have otherworldly aesthetics and beautifully sculpted lines for show, it also showcases a vast array of impressive highlights. The Solo has […]

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The Q500+ and Q500 4K at!                    Yuneec have a background in cutting edge aviation technology which makes them well placed to be designing technologically advanced quadcopters with some fantastic features! They are focused on high quality products, which is why every single quadcopter from Yuneec is […]

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As announced on the Sussex FPV Racing and Drone Club Facebook page, we are holding our next drone racing and air-rave event at the glorious Cowdray Estate on the 5th of September 2015, following on from a successful club event here back in May. Our events are sponsored by FirstPersonView and are FPV UK and Team […]