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DHL successfully integrate drone into their supply chain. A copter-based ‘last mile’ delivery system has been tested by DHL which is capable of fully automated loading and offloading at special ‘Packstations’. This is their ‘Parcelcopter’ drone approaching a delivery: Much has recently been written in the press about the use of autonomous aerial delivery platforms, […]

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If you’ve been wondering how to organise your drone racing events, or engage your local multirotor flying community, then this simple new drone clubs & meetups tool, developed by the not for profit association FPV UK, is what you’ve been waiting for!   Sussex in the UK, where we are based, has a very active […]

Simon Dale Quadcopters

In case you missed it I’m pleased to say that the FPV exemption was re-issued last week. Thank you to George Duncan at the CAA for working with me the week before to make sure that the exemption was re-issued in good time this year (the CAA forgot about it last year and that would have been […]