Drone Pilots Guide

Drone Pilots Guide

Introduction to the Drone Pilots Guide

The aim of this guide is to provide the information that a newcomer to quadcopter flying requires to progress to being a knowledgeable, legal, safe and competent pilot. It is intended to be used as a handbook – so you can dip in and out at your leisure and refer back to it later as needed. A flight training guide is provided – but before rushing to that you should dip your toes in some of the other sections. Many pilots have, on their first attempt, seen their quadcopters take-off and fly away, never to be found. Spending a bit of time with the manual and this handbook should help you avoid any such disasters!


1. Intro
2. What are Quadcopters?
3. Meteorology
4. Flying in Different Conditions
5. Laws of the Air
6. No Fly Zones
7. Aeronautical Charts
8. Aircraft Knowledge
9. FPV Information
10. Flight Safety
11. Pre and Post Flight Procedures
12. Drone Flight Exercises
13. Drone Flight Assessment
14. Multirotor Flight Assessments


You can also find information about safe flying at FPV UK and the UK CAA website.

Simon Dale

We have put together this Drone Pilot’s Guide to give pilots a good understanding of the concepts and rules relevant to drone flying.  From basic flight skills, to understanding air law. Have fun and fly safe!

- Simon Dale