FPV: Drone Pilots Guide

Drone Flight Assessments


Basic UAS Flight Competency Test: Multirotor sub 20kg.  

The test must be completed in ‘Atti’ mode (or equivalent non GPS assisted mode).

All flying must be completed in front of the pilot and examiner.

(a)  Carry out pre-flight checks and power up safely.

(b)  Take off and hover ‘tail in’ over the take-off point, with the multirotor skids at eye level, for approximately fifteen seconds.

(c)  At approximately eye level, complete a T shaped manoeuvre by flying forward 3 metres, turning right 90 degrees and flying 3m, turning 180 degrees and flying forward 6 metres, turning 180 degrees and flying 3 metres, then turning 90 degrees and flying ‘nose in’ back to the take-off point.  Markers may be used. Speed should be slow walking pace.

(d)  Hover the multirotor ‘nose in’ for fifteen seconds.

(e)  Complete two left hand circles, then stop over the take-off point and fly two right hand circles. These should be flown at high speed. The multicopter should pass over the take-off point during each circle.

(f)   Land on the take-off point. (The landing may be ‘tail in’.)

(g)  Power down safely.

The above schedule must be completed within one flight.

Emergency Procedures Discussion:

Knowledge of emergency procedures such as an apparent fly away or an air incursion situation are also assessed during discussion to ensure that the new pilot has the knowledge required to fly in a manner that is safe for himself, his model and third parties.

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