Drone Safety Centre

Everything you need to know about flying your quadcopters, multicopters and FPV aircraft in one place.

Learning to Safely Pilot your Quadcopter

This drone safety resource has been developed by the team at FirstPersonView to help recreational drone pilots, as well as commercial business and professional users, understand what the legal requirements are when flying their quadcopter or multicopter drone in the UK.

You can use this resource to:

  1. Learn more about how to fly your drone safely.
  2. Understand which kind of pilot you are (recreational or commercial), and which UK laws and regulations apply to you.
  3. Read how you can ensure responsible flying of your drone.
  4. Find out about UK and international No-Fly Zones.
  5. Understand more about First Person View (FPV) flying


Watch our CAA APPROVED Quadcopter Safety Video

Also, why not have a read through our Drone Pilots Guide for non-commercial quadcopter and multirotor flying.

Simon Dale

Experience more by learning how to fly your quadcopter, multicopter and FPV aircraft all in one place.

- Simon Dale