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Setting Up An FPV Groundstation

How a Ground Station Should Be Set Up

It’s hard to pigeon hole exactly how a ground station (or GS) should be set up as it is an individual choice made by the FPV pilot. The ground station set up tends to mainly come in a toolbox style design and has various different types of kit involved.

The receiver and the antenna receive the signal from the plane and the goggles and screen act as the display. When the two are combined together and mounted in a package is when they become a ground station. You could look at this as being a logical progression for the FPV pilot, its also a lot of fun to set up!

There’s no right or wrong way to go about designing your ground station, it can be as basic or as advanced as you like it to be.

Constructing a Ground Station

I’m going to guide you through the basics of setting up a ground station and then ill list some suggestions as to what you could add to make it into a more advanced design. I’m going to show you some examples of other ground stations built by fellow FPV pilots just to give you the scope as to what can be achieved. Some of them really are amazing so hopefully they will influence you to progress more with your project!


You will need a receiver with power supply, antenna and goggles to plug into the receiver. These will act as the bare bones of the project and are essential to begin the construction of your ground station.

With this set up you will be able to receive and display video from your FPV vehicle. Make sure that you have the antenna mounted properly, the receiver battery placed safely and easily accessible for recharge and remember to keep the outputs on the receiver channel selector in an easily accessible fashion.

Remember not to over complicate things with your controls as you will not be able to look at them whilst wearing the goggles in flight.


Here are some ideas for what you could add to your basic ground station design…

  • Screen
  • Power Box
  • Diversity Module
  • Antenna Tracker
  • DVR

Please feel free to expand as much as you want on these ideas as with ground station design there are no limits to what you can do.





The above ground stations have been compacted into a box design which makes them perfect for outdoor use, they look real smart too!

GiantsDesert (40)

A ground station, with additional tripod.

40265(2) (1)

An FPV box design for a ground station set up.

iPad Ground Station

DJI have now released a ground station app available on iPad. It really is an excellent bit of kit, so if you were looking to run your ground station in this manner then look no further.

The bundle comes packed with features and DJI have many promotional videos to get you started. I’ve listed some of the videos below and there’s also a link to the main DJI site.

This video is a guide on how to set up a bluetooth data link.

Very helpful.

This video is a tutorial which introduces you to the ground station function and guides you through the setup process.

This video guides you through an outdoor flight using the ground station feature.

Nice video.

This video shows you how the ground station app performs beyond visual range (B.V.R).

Thanks for reading!