FPV: Equipment For FPV

Radio Transmitters for FPV

So you’ve got the camera, you’ve got the RC vehicle but you can’t quite decide on which radio transmitter to get? Life is hard so don’t worry. Were here to help and with the powers of blog we shall do so!

As with when you buy a new product of any sort most people (myself included) always want to shell out the most money they can to get the most expensive model they can but then don’t know what all the buttons do when they get the thing out of its box and then think, well, I could have got something for half the price with half the functions and maybe swallowed a bit of pride and started a bit more down the ladder. Is this you? Well as I’m writing this it’s definitely me but with choosing a radio transmitter you really don’t need to buy the most expensive model on the market in order to make the right choice. It really is about what suits your needs best so don’t commit yourself to anything that you don’t have to.

This next section should give you some useful tips and help determine the products that suit you best….

How Many Channels Should I Need?

If you are just starting out then try not to over complicate yourself, try to keep things simple by keeping your switches to as few as possible. Don’t forget that with your brand new set of FPV goggles on you’re not going to be able to see your transmitter very clearly, if at all. You’re going to want a transmitter that is going to last you a while so maybe go for a 7/9 channel radio. This should last the FPV journey.

This is a video guide that shows you what’s in the box.

Get opening!

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