Technical Area

Technical Area

The place to learn all about motors, frequencies and other technical stuff

This section of the FirstPersonView blog provides readers information to help explain some of the abbreviations, technical information and terminologies that you may find when reviewing products, articles and manuals related to FPV and RC products.

We welcome your expert suggestions to help improve this section and increase the amount of information provided to those new to FPV, drones and RC aircraft builds in particular, as we hope the community can help us build a valuable resource that remains up-to-date and reliable. Please comment below with any additional information and amendments you think would be of benefit and our team will review for submission.

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Simon Dale

Starting out can be daunting but with our FPV, drone and RC aircraft starter guides you’ll be up in the air in no time. We’ve built up a handy ‘How to‘ section with videos to also help you out.


- Simon Dale