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Antenna Tracker

Antenna Tracking:

Antenna tracking is when you direct the video receiver antenna at the aircraft when in flight.

We use antenna tracking for varied reasons and one of the reasons for this is because of the antenna gain. The higher the gain of an antenna then the further it’ll be able to pick up a signal.

The slight disadvantage of this is that you have to point the receiver toward the aircraft so you will loose your picture if you use a high gain antenna which is not pointed at the aircraft to a certain degree. This will become more critical the higher the gain of the antenna.

Also do consider polarization because when using a circular polarized antenna, the antenna ends up having more gain than say an omni or rubber duck antenna.

Even now it still needs to be in the general direction of the plane, you do have an advantage as the antenna has a low signal loss when banked.

Here’s a useful video I found on building an antenna tracker.


The gain of an omni antenna is 3dbi which limits the range that you can fly at.

Being linear polarized, a lot of the signal can be lost while performing manoeuvers of any kind. This is not the case with a circular polarized patch and high antenna range does not become a problem any more.

How Does The Tracker Do This?

An antenna tracker uses collated information to move the antenna by using the pan and tilt axis as a direct path for the aircraft.

Commercial Systems:

Most available systems use data that gets sent to them from the plane as it flies. This is called telemetry. As the plane flies it relays its positional data to the antenna tracker which then works out the height and direction of the plane in order to track it. The data gets sent down the audio channel from the plane or either to the video channel encoded into the signal. The telemetry is extracted by the monitor and processed before commanding the servos of the pan and tilt axis which enable the antennae to move.

Here’s what we stock:

Immersion RC Ez Antenna Tracker:

EZTRACKER copy-500x500


Product Info:

The EzAntennaTracker moves your antenna in realtime so that it is always pointing directly at your aircraft.

You can use a very high gain antenna to improve your range and be sure that it will always be pointing in the right direction – giving you the best possible reception.

The EzAntennaTracker is a very small device which you simply connect to the audio channel of your video/ audio receiver and two servos, one for pan and one for tilt (you can just use one servo for pan if you prefer).

The EzAntennaTracker decodes the telemetry information sent from your EzOSD to work out exactly where the plane is and which way to point the antenna and it does…in realtime!

Tech Specs And Features:

  • Width: 35mm.
  • Height: 10mm.
  • Length: 80mm.
  • Weight: 23g.
  • 2-axis antenna tracking.
  • Live display of GPS coordinates and height of the model on LCD.
  • Compatible with normal servos.
  • No separate wireless link for telemetry needed, just connect to your audio channel.
  • Easy firmware upgrade through USB.

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