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fpv video frequencies

There is a vast range of equipment available to the FPV pilot and as a result there is also a whole host of different frequencies that are open to purchase.

However, due to legality of frequency in the UK there are only a few that are open for use.


Here’s a list of the frequencies that you can purchase video equipment for:

900 MHZ:

Excellent range and very good penetration.

Illegal for use in UK.


Really great range and good penetration.

Illegal for use in the UK.

1.3 GHZ

Features good range and good penetration with a very clear band.

Illegal for use in the UK.

2.4 GHZ:

Features a good range and has a good equipment price.

Suffers from bad penetration and can receive interference from other aircraft, wifi and Bluetooth.

5.8 GHZ:

With this frequency you get a good range and a clear band due to a lower amount of other users (compared to 2.4GHZ). With the addition of circular polarized antennas there is the reduction of loss of reception quality as well. You do however get poor penetration with this frequency range.


When the frequency band reduces, a large waveform is produced. The larger the waveform then the further distance is gained in frequency, so you’ll be able to easily get around small buildings, trees and people (don’t go to close though!).

2.4 GHZ Band:

2.4GHZ video equipment is a very popular choice for most FPV pilots. Is the most commonly made equipment and also happens to be the cheapest of all the brands to buy. Its range is and power ratio is excellent and is a band that is sought after by many.

5.8 GHZ Band:

The 5.8 GHZ frequency band is forever growing in its popularity. The band avoids disruption of a 2.4GHZ frequency which solves the problem of crossing paths which results in on screen interference. Its range is decent but really is designed for line of sight flying. This is due mainly to the use of linear antenna transmitters which have now been improved upon by the introduction of polarized antennas. You can now use this frequency to achieve great ranges without problem and is now highly considered among FPV pilots.

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