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DJI Mavic PRO Quadcopter DJI have announced the release of their brand new quadcopter today; the DJI Mavic Pro. This is a folding quadcopter with 4K camera that is packed full of exciting features! Here are some of the stand-out features for us: Small, folding, compact design Tracking/follow-me without a bracelet or controller to carry […]

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DJI Introduce: Inspire 1 Quadcopter with Micro Four Thirds Camera! DJI are calling this the evolution of aerial cameras, and they’re not wrong! The new DJI Inspire is packed with the same great features as before such as one button takeoff, long range HD FPV video downlink via the Lightbridge system, stable flying, return to […]

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3D Robotics Release Solo App Update: V1.1.0 This exciting release means one thing: the 3DR Solo Gimbal for the Solo Quadcopter is on the way! This app update is needed in order for the Solo Gimbal to work, and to unlock some exciting extra features. You can download the app today from the App store […]

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About the 3DR Solo The 3DR Solo quadcopter looks more at home on the set of Battlestar Galactica than it does flying over the fjords and fields of planet Earth. However, it doesn’t just have otherworldly aesthetics and beautifully sculpted lines for show, it also showcases a vast array of impressive highlights. The Solo has […]

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The Q500+ and Q500 4K at!                    Yuneec have a background in cutting edge aviation technology which makes them well placed to be designing technologically advanced quadcopters with some fantastic features! They are focused on high quality products, which is why every single quadcopter from Yuneec is […]

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The Matrice 100 quadcopter from DJI is not just another ready to fly quadcopter – far from it. The Matrice 100 has seen designed for those who want to be able to modify, expand or adapt their aerial platform to suit whatever needs they may have. It has been designed with commercial and business users in mind. […]

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This year we’re kicking things off with the launch of an FPV Racing and Drone club and would love to hear back from those of you who have interest in developing a club for pilots of all skill levels, with a focus on FPV drone racing. Drone Racing is the new Next Generation Sport 2015 […]

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FirstPersonView is proud to present first-hand access to the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter at our product showcase event on Friday the 20th of February at 3pm*. The event is limited to 15 attendees only and will be on first-come, first-served basis. If we have a good response then we will hold more regular events such […]

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FirstPersonView unboxing video for the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter. Simon Dale – Managing Director – runs through what is included with your DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter purchase. A more detailed technical video will be explained, as well as test flight videos, in a few days. Simon explains features of the transmitter, the battery, the camera […]