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On the 5th and 6th of December FirstPersonView will be attending the first and biggest UK Drone Show. This is going to be an awesome event! We have been working with Oliver and Richard in the Drone Show team from the beginning of the year and these guys are hugely committed to delivering an amazing event […]

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As announced on the Sussex FPV Racing and Drone Club Facebook page, we are holding our next drone racing and air-rave event at the glorious Cowdray Estate on the 5th of September 2015, following on from a successful club event here back in May. Our events are sponsored by FirstPersonView and are FPV UK and Team […]

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Witness The FUTURE Saturday 18th July saw a group of 30 amazing pilots gather in the Hidden Valley for an epic battle of nerves and skill and a bit of destruction. The event was run by the Sussex Drone Club and Team Mini Airshow. Sponsored by FirstPersonView We had 3 courses laid out for racing, as […]

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Cowdray Race Event 2015 Saturday 2nd May 2015 the FirstPersonView headed over to the beautiful setting of Cowdray Park for an FPV Racing meet. Lord Cowdray and family made us all feel so welcome. Around 40 enthusiasts turned up from all areas of the South. Each member as keen as the other to compare gear […]

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The Vortex Is Coming…. ImmersionRC have recently announced a new player in the racing quadcopter range. The Vortex quadcopter is a RTF (Ready To Fly) FPV 250 sized racing quadcopter. Kitted out with ImmersionRC including an FP camera, EzUHF Rx, video transmitter (Unclear which mW just yet!), integrated flight controller. An OSD is also included […]

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How Do You Fly Yours? As the drone market soars ever higher it is great to see interest form all areas of society in the hobby. Check out some more information below from DJI and SkyPixel on the uses of camera drones and some interested stats! Holiday photos and home videos, professional aerial photography, flying enthusiasts. All brought […]

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FirstPersonView Sale on selected products! We are having a sale here at FirstPersonView. Please click here for a link to our SALE section on the site. Notable products in the sale are …. Fully refurbished DJI Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal for the DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter. This item has been fully refurbished by the official DJI […]

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the ImmersionRC 700mW 2.4GHz Video Transmitter and Sander Style 433MHz Whip antenna ImmersionRC have released their 700mW 2.4GHz. This audio/video transmitter is based on NexWaveRF technology and will provide long range video transmission for your 2.4GHz audio/video feed set up. With the power output being upgraded to be able to handle 1.5A of output current. […]

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At we like to offer our customers the absolute best deals possible. That’s why for this weekend, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we are offering you the chance to grab a bargain and maybe even an early Christmas present or two – go on, treat yourself (or a loved one!) So what have […]