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Cowdray Race Event 2015 Saturday 2nd May 2015 the FirstPersonView headed over to the beautiful setting of Cowdray Park for an FPV Racing meet. Lord Cowdray and family made us all feel so welcome. Around 40 enthusiasts turned up from all areas of the South. Each member as keen as the other to compare gear […]

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How Do You Fly Yours? As the drone market soars ever higher it is great to see interest form all areas of society in the hobby. Check out some more information below from DJI and SkyPixel on the uses of camera drones and some interested stats! Holiday photos and home videos, professional aerial photography, flying enthusiasts. All brought […]

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What a year it has been for quadcopters and camera drones worldwide.  2014 started off with a bang as DJI released the DJI S1000, a powerful machine for the professional aerial photographers. A great step forward! This was quickly followed by the next version of the DJI Phantom 2, prompted by the release of DJI’s […]

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The Walkera Scout X4 has landed and an unboxing video unveiled! With up to 128 waypoint planning, follow me mode, real time telemetry monitoring,a lengthy flight time of up to 25 minutes and also the ability to change from 4 motors to 8 you have to try the Walkera Scout X4 out! For the unboxing video […]