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Cowdray Race Event 2015 Saturday 2nd May 2015 the FirstPersonView headed over to the beautiful setting of Cowdray Park for an FPV Racing meet. Lord Cowdray and family made us all feel so welcome. Around 40 enthusiasts turned up from all areas of the South. Each member as keen as the other to compare gear […]

Simon Dale Camera DroneCompany StuffDJI PhantomDJI Phantom 3 QuadcopterDJI Vision+eventsFPVFPV racingQuadcopters ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Are you the best DJI Phantom Quadcopter pilot in the world? Time to prove it. DJI are calling for skilled and dedicated pilots worldwide to compete against each other in Spitzberg, Austria 20th to 21st June 2015. There are not too many spaces left so get in there and apply as soon as possible. It would […]

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ The DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopters So this is an update to our previous post here where we were imagining what a next generation Phantom would look like…well now we have the answers! Below we explore some of the features of the existing DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and then compare to the new Phantom […]

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Spring Sale on selected DJI Products That’s right, because a month of mid-week promotions wasn’t generous enough, there is now a new sale. From the 1st of March – until further notice – the below products have been reduced! Crazy low prices this month!!! DJI Phatom 2 Vision+ with Extra Battery   From £999 down to […]

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How Do You Fly Yours? As the drone market soars ever higher it is great to see interest form all areas of society in the hobby. Check out some more information below from DJI and SkyPixel on the uses of camera drones and some interested stats! Holiday photos and home videos, professional aerial photography, flying enthusiasts. All brought […]

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A detailed look at options available when upgrading to version 1.5 In this second video of our series about the DJI Phantom 1 quadcopter to version 1.5 upgrade, Chris Nichols takes you through the main options available to you. In this video we cover your battery options, main circuit board, shell, motors and ESCs. Please […]

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DJI S900 Hexacopter We have the DJI S900 available to pre-order here: Bought with the Wookong Flight Controller and Z15 gimbal for either a GH3/4 or BMPCC camera you can save up to £1,223 compared to buying the individual components on their own. The S900 main features are: Portability – the S900 has folding […]

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The already amazing DJI Zenmuse has now improved even more. DJI have added a third dimension creating a high quality, precise, 3-axis brushless gimbal. Buy now from The Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal is: Strong Lightweight Compatible with almost all DJI flight control system Brushless gimbal: brushless gimbals are more beneficial than gimbals that use servos […]

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The Phantom 2’s are now available to buy at: Order before 4pm for FREE next day delivery! What to expect from the Phantom 2: Built-in high capacity, intelligent 5200mAh batery for longer flight time – up to 25 minutes Features a customised H3-2D gimbal. Its stability ensures high quality footage and the camera’s pitch […]