Plug and Play cable for DJI iOSD Mini to FPV-Camera and Fat Shark/ImmersionRC Transmitter

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About this Plug and Play Cable

For the FPV-25CS, FPV-25CK and FPV-25CE cameras to incorporate the iOSD Mini and ImmersionRC / Fat Shark transmitters

Avoid soldering by using this plug and play cable to integrate a Fat Shark or ImmersionRC FPV Transmitter with the DJI iOSD Mini directly to FPV-25CE, FPV-20CS, FPV-25CK cameras.


FOR KX131 CAMERAS - When using these cameras with this lead the yellow cable has to be in the left hand side port. The cables can be removed and reinserted by carefully using a scalpel or needle to lift the connectors.

Important Information: This cable is for use with Fat Shark / ImmersionRC transmitters only. 

Please note: This product page is for the Plug and Play cable only. All other products shown are for display purposes only.

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