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Heliaxial Antenna 5.8GHz - Circular Wireless

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Circular Wireless 5.8GHz Heliaxial Antenna

Circular Wireless are known for making high quality circular polarised antennas. They are leading the way with these 5.8GHz Heliaxial Antennas. Using one of these antennas will dramatically increase the range you can achieve with your FPV setup. If you put one of these on your video receiver, and combine it with a SpiroNET circular polarised antenna on your video transmitter than you can achieve over 6km range


  • Right hand circular polarisation
  • SMA female connectors
  • Minimum of 12dB of gain with a beam width of approximately 60°



  • Reflector: 3mm aluminium
  • Support structure: Plexiglass
  • Hilex: enameled copper

(Please note: This is a directional antenna. You must aim it at your multi-rotor for full effectiveness)

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