DJI Phantom 3 Professional - get flying with 4k

Rene Strgar is a customer who works internationally with some of the leading names in snowboarding, skating and extreme sports. He loves his DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter, so we thought we'd ask him why he chose this product above the other platforms available. Thanks Rene!

Capturing the international extreme sports world - by

I have always used DJI as a brand from the very first time I started to work with drones. I have been filming snowboarding movies for a couple of years already, but when I just started engaging with the world of photography my girlfriend helped me out in buying my first drone. So then I started to shoot video as well, but I was mainly filming without using the FPV transmission and even without using the screen, just blindly, for the first two months. I had fun with it as I would come back home and only then I could see if I’ve hit my target. And this was always a discovery, however by having a fish-eye view targets were not very hard to miss. And so the first aerial photographs came about by using a DJI Phantom 1 and a Gopro camera without the gimbal. Since then much has changed and I’ve started to engage in with aerial photography and video professionally outside of the UK.

I must say that since then, as it’s been almost two years, I’ve mastered the drone in all of its parts! I am a proud owner of the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and this is everything you really need to make a very good aerial photograph or shoot a video, especially in some challenging environments. The DJI Phantom 3 is right about the size to reach the most narrow and hardest to reach places: you can navigate through narrow streets, or through the forest. A strong advantage of this aspect is that to transport the drone is very easy and you can carry the case (or DJI Phantom in a backpack) directly with you on the airplane cabin. It is also easily climb to higher ground with a Phantom 3 as it weights only few kg. This is very important for me because I have a lot of orders and I need to be very light in my travels especially when I need to reach difficult locations where I need to walk a lot. Shooting landscape photography has never been better and my drone does only rest once in a while. It is a pleasant discovery that the Phantom 3 has now a new build-in camera. I am an absolute fan, not only because

Flat horizons, RAW and DJI Lightbridge

DJI got rid of the fish eye lens (180), but it is now much better to control the camera mechanisms. And you can also shoot in RAW format, which is absolutely amazing for us photographers.

An absolute must have is the DJI integrated technology called the Lightbridge transmission – that is absolutely awesome. The experience to have HD previews is just so much efficient for my work. And you can really do everything with the app and tx: you can change the ISO, shutter speed, take a picture while filming or give the command to being the shoot, etc. 

The Phantom 3 has better endurance as lifts in the air and across shooting locations also because of its powerful motors so you can always be ready to jump-start your drone when something interesting comes up. Even when landing, the Phantom 3 quadcopter is faster and reacts quicker to the commands.

I just love my DJI Phantom 3 Professional.