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DJI and the Future of  Camera Drone Technology

Like us, the world has gone absolutely crazy for “drones”, or multirotors as we in the industry have traditionally called them. Over the last few years one company has led the way when it comes to this technology - Shenzhen based DJI; the company behind the wildly successful, well recognised, white, four motored quadcopter, aka the DJI Phantom series.

DJI have proven hugely popular for many reasons, but what really broke them out of a hobbyist market to the wider 'prosumer' space was their Ready-To-Fly proposition. This shift, from what was traditionally a DIY/build your own quadcopter market,  helped position them as the market leader and drone innovator, providing an accessible product that required little or no building of the aircraft, and an easy set-up before flight straight out-of-the-box.

DJI Camera Gimbal Technology

The next technological advancement that helped put DJI on the global tech leaders map was the introduction of an electronically stabilised camera gimbal system. The electronic gimbal provides considerable stability and vibration dampening, as well as the ability to control the attached camera’s viewing angle from the ground via remote control. 

DJI gimbals - which when combined with a GoPro, DSLR or DJI’s own brand high performance digital camera - allow the pilot of the drone to capture stunning images and video from a moving platform which otherwise would be unusable due to vibration from the motors and buffeting from any wind. 

Not wanting to confine themselves to only producing hobby equipment, DJI have also developed professional aircraft camera systems in its S-series range. These platforms are designed to be of broadcast and professional film making quality. Then there is then the DJI Inspire 1, which bridges the gap between the Phantom and the S-series, and the DJI Ronin range of handheld camera gimbals for ground based handheld camera operators.

Vision Positioning Systems and Next-Gen Tech

DJI is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with aerial camera systems and handheld gimbals. We have seen this with the release of the Vision Position System, which provides their quadcopters indoor flight capabilities when no GPS lock is available, as well as the transforming design on the Inspire that allows for an unrestricted 360o camera view, or even the Inspire 1’s dual controller for independent camera operator and pilot control.

Products such as the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional and Inspire mobile app the company takes  smartphone capabilities to the next level with flight logging, live streaming to platforms such as YouTube, and a high quality HD downlink - via the DJI Lightbridge technology; which give the pilots exceptional 720p real-time video feed from the drone’s camera down to the smartphone control app.

New DJI customers are always pleased at the product's ease of use - with features such as ‘Return-to-Home’ proving useful for new Phantom pilots - build quality, and even the DJI global community; who provide support to each other and help drive the brands innovation forward at a grass roots level. 

You can find a comparison of some of the key DJI Phantom 3 product differneces and the Inspire 1 at our comparison guide

“We are always most excited about the innovation and creativity that our users bring to our platform. Right now, we are running a DJI Stories competition and have been continuously inspired by what our customers have shared with us about their experiences flying DJI products. As our products reach more people in different corners of the world, we are certain that we’ll see even more amazing things from DJI pilots in 2015.”

Michael Perry, Global PR Manager, DJI

"As a the UK's leading DJI retailer and a Tier 1 dealer for over five years now, FirstPersonView has, and will continue to have, a very close day-to-day working relationship with the team at DJI, and that's across the world...from China to Europe. We are integrated at many levels, from working with them as a key partner in the UK for retail sales and support, through to our specialist bespoke drone building services, for platform such as the DJI S1000+, to flight training, workshops and education. For example, you can find out more about our role as a responsible camera drone retailer at our Drone Safety Centre".
Simon Dale, MD, 

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