The DJI Ronin-M - a case study from Foundlight

Working with a lightweight professional handheld gimbal

Foundlight are a full service video and music production company based on the South Coast of England and Scotland. They create content and music for brands such as Red Bull, Visit Scotland, Red or Dead and UNIQLO to name just a few.

Alan from Foundlight...

We purchased the original DJI Ronin soon after it’s release last year and got some great results with it, even under testing conditions

Handles a range of cameras

What we liked about the Ronin was the fact that it could handle a range of cameras from a small Black Magic Pocket Cam all the way up to a Red. We actually bought it to fly with our Sony FS700, but after a few runs with that it was clear that the combined weight was a major issue, especially once you add on additional kit like a monitor and mic. We ended up only flying our Sony A7S on the rig and it felt like the Ronin was a bit excessive for such a small camera.

When we saw the smaller form factor of the DJI Ronin-M and how it could be broken down, it seemed like the perfect option for Foundlight as we do a lot of travelling and could pack this set up a lot easier..and it’s lighter. We also liked the way the unit could be used bare bones by removing the top handles.


The case that the original Ronin came with was overkill and we only used it once when traveling and found it extremely bulky and cumbersome, it ended up just taking up space in our studio. The fact that the ‘M’ doesn’t ship with a case wasn’t a deal breaker as we have a great set of travel cases, both for checking on and for cabin baggage. To keep weight down even more when travelling we leave the bottom half of the balancing stand and replace that with a table mount light stand head which is super small and very light. 


The ‘M’ doesn’t ship with a mount clip either, so we scoured the web and ordered a couple of go pro handlebar mounts and 1/4 go pro screw mounts. The bar mounts aren’t a perfect snug fit but we just added some material between the bar and the mount to make it tight and have them permanently on the ‘M’ bars They’re light…and inexpensive.

DJI have now released a couple of additional products for the Ronin and Ronin-M:

  1. The Ronin-M thumb controller and separately a thumb controller for the Ronin
  2. And the DJI Focus

For more info on Foundlight visit our website and you can also watch a video about the Ronin-M thumb controller below...