AERIALWORX and the DJI S900 Multirotor

Using a DJI S900 like a Pro

AERIALWORX was established in 2013 by Stefanie Williams and has since evolved into one of the leading drone aerial filming companies in the UK. Aerialworx specialises in aerial filming for the television and broadcast industries with worldwide coverage. 

To the limits of what is capable

In an interview, Pete Stanton commented “with bases here in North Wales, Scotland and Lancashire we have huge potential and experience working in these locations right on our very own doorstep. We have invested heavily in a number of different drones, ranging from large heavy lifts, capable of carrying the Alexa Mini and Red Epic range to smaller medium lifts, capable of lifting the Panasonic GH4 and Black Magic Pocket Cinema. 

Our work takes us all over the UK, filming in remote and extreme locations, including over water, at night and indoors. The pure nature of our work pushes us to the limits of what is capable with drones. Nothing good ever comes easy; weather, location, temperatures or terrain, each one introduces its own individual challenge. There are often long hikes and steep climbs, transporting heavy fragile equipment over inhospitable terrain. Mother Nature continually throws a fast ball. The constant battle between getting great shots and keeping equipment working is often a challenge. 

A robust sub 7 Kg frame

What we continually searched for, was a robust sub 7 Kg frame that could easily be transported and capable of carrying a broadcast quality camera. The DJI S900 fitted our requirements. Additionally, it’s ability to fold down and fit into a waterproof transport case proved invaluable, especially when sat on an exposed mountain in the rain waiting for an elusive weather widow to appear. Our ability to take the DJI S900 to the remotest of locations over the roughest terrain with basic transport was invaluable”. 

A well engineered piece of equipment

There have been many areas that have led to the success of AERIALWORX. Accomplished engineering has kept them in the air, excellent flying skills has taken them to the right place and well-practiced filming skills has helped capture the amazing footage that they deliver to their clients which include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. The DJI S900 has proved to be an excellent addition to their array of platforms and a very robust, light weight, well engineered piece of equipment. The ease in which it can be deployed has been invaluable. It’s an excellent piece of equipment that every aerial filming company should consider.