5.8 GHz Antennas

With a wide selection of linear, circular polarised and panel/patch antennas from ImmersionRC (the market leader of FPV antenna manufacturing) and other leading manufacturers, the right product is waiting for you here.

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Circular Polarized Antenna Set Vonista 5.8GHz RHCP
ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 3DBi Rubber Duck SMA
SpiroNet 5.8GHz RHCP Patch Antenna by ImmersionRC
AltitudeRC Cloverleaf Antenna with U-FL Connector
Heliaxial Antenna 5.8GHz - Circular Wireless

Heliaxial Antenna 5.8GHz - Circular Wireless

£38.00 £54.50 Ex Tax: £31.67

ImmersionRC SpiroNET LHCP Mini Patch 5.8GHz Antenna
ImmersionRC SpiroNET Mini Patch RHCP 5.8GHz Antenna
ImmersionRC LHCP SpiroNET Antenna (2 Antenna)
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