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FatShark Attitude V2 Video Goggles

  • Brand: Fatshark
  • Product Code: 2901017
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • £287.95

  • Ex Tax: £239.96

About the Attitude V2 Video Goggles

FatShark have taken their Attitude goggles (which were considered by many to be the best complete package from their stable) and added their revolutionary 3-axis Trinity head tracker to create the complete package for FPV pilots looking to jump into a fully immersive world.

This 16bit 9DFO technology translates the physical movements of the wearer so successfully it seems that the goggles are simply windows to the real thing. By using a 35 degree field of vision the quality of pixel definition maintains the realism created in the picture.

FatShark have used the polarized backlight technology found in their Dominator FPV Goggles line so that colours are recreated in all their glory on the screen, while the IPD can be modified to create the correct focusing for your eyes. They have also integrated NexwaveRF technology to block other transmissions on 433Mhz and 2.4Ghz and prevent any potential interference.

Designed for comfort, the rubber eyecups make for a snug fit to the face, and that black rubber look extends to the exterior to make for a far more stylish finish when compared with competitors. 
What comes included with this product?

For the above price you will receive:

  • AtttitudeV2 headset (with integrated 5G8 RX and Trinity Head Tracker)
  • 250mW 7ch 5G8 Transmitter
  • 600TVL FPV Tuned CMOS camera
  • Filtered balance lead adapter
  • 2p 3dBi 5G8 antenna
  • 3m AV cable
  • Futaba data cable
  • 3.5mm data cable
  • ezUHF data cable
  • zipper carry case
  • lens cleaner cloth

A battery and charger will be needed if you do not have these already. If you are new to FPV why not take a look at our advanced bundle to get an idea of all the peripherals you’ll need to get started.

Additional information

Instruction manual for the FatShark Attitude V2 Goggles


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