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EzOSD with GPS (Spare Part)

  • Brand: ImmersionRC
  • Product Code: 5201002
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • £89.99

  • Ex Tax: £74.99

This EzOSD comes on its own without a current sensor and without any cables, it is ideal if you have damaged your EzOSD and need a replacement. It has the old style GPS. 

Meet the EzOSD - a tiny OSD  with all the essential features that an FPV pilot needs.

Supplied with a fast and accurate GPS receiver, the EzOSD can display a wealth of information in a simple, uncluttered screen layout with configurable alarms on things like low battery, too far from home, etc.

Simple, well thought out connections with locking connectors and features such as reverse polarity protection make wiring up of the EzOSD extremely easy and safe and a very intuitive menu system which is operated without the need for your transmitter or even PC make configuring the EzOSD easy too.

Add to that a comprehensive software package that allows real time plane tracking via Google Earth by means of the EzTelemetry included with the EzOSD and the option to add a tracking antenna and you'll be hard pressed to ever lose a plane again!

The EzOSD has a standard USB connection to your PC to allow for easy firmware, and oupgrades. No need to purchase 'programming adapters' any more!



  • Crisp text, shadowed to ensure visibility against a summer sky, or a winter evening.
  • No need for a PhD to install and configure.
  • Robust design, reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection
  • Firmware upgrades without a PIC programmer, standard USB port (mini-USB B) on-board
  • Simple, uncluttered display, just the essentials. ‘Which way is home’, and ‘how long can I stay up here’. Enjoy the view, not the skills of the HUD author.
  • Warnings for low battery voltage, pack capacity reached, too high, too far, etc.
  • Periodic Amateur radio callsign broadcast, to comply with FCC regulations.
  • OSD control from a spare servo channel (optional)
  • Intuitive menu system, with onboard menu buttons.
  • After-flight debriefing, shows a summary of the flight: Max. altitude, max. distance, max. speed, average speed, distance flown, etc.
  • 10Hz GPS update rate
  • PAL/NTSC auto-detect
  • Uncluttered display, enjoy the view, not the OSD clutter!
  • No connection to an R/C receiver required to configure, nor fly.
  • Robust telemetry downlink, for live Google Earth™ Tracking, or ImmersionRC’s unique Antenna Tracking system.

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