Video Switchers and Diversity

Video switchers mean you can switch between different cameras with the flick of a switch on your FPV transmitter. 

ImmersionRC DUO5800 V4 5.8GHz Receiver with Diversity
ImmersionRC DUO5800 V4 Affordable The ImmersionRC Duo5800 finally makes 5.8GHz A/V links afforda..
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R/C video switcher (Cam Switch)
R/C video switcher (Cam Switch) The connected cameras are powered all of the time from your vtx, ..
Ex Tax: £19.79
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RC video switcher and Diversity

The RC video switcher simply plugs into a channel on your FPV receiver and allows you to switch between up to three cameras at the flick of a switch on your Tx. 

Diversity receivers allow you to connect more than 1 antenna so if signal fails then there is no drop in the picture. With twin receivers it will automatically switch to the strongest signal without affecting your picture. 

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