Which multirotor platform is right for your business?

Well the answer to this of course depends on a number of factors - 

What is your operator/pilot level of expertise? In a commercial environment all operators must be qualified for flights in the UK.

What is the core purpose of drone use within the business, or what will the requirement be?

What kind of equipment/payload will you require on the platform?

Will this be for use just in the UK or will it be international?

What core functions do you require:

  1. Longer flight times
  2. A larger platform for heavier payloads
  3. A relatively disposable system or a more robust solution
  4. Multi-operator controls
  5. HD video
  6. Software requirements?
  7. Other?

Once you have answered the above within the business you can then start to understand which platform is right for you.

We have featured a few examples of commercial products that fit with certain types of requirements, but if you are struggling with this then please contact our team for further Professional customer support - please provide the answers to the points above and then we can assist you further.

In addition to this we have developed a range of case studies so that you can better understand the value of each professional multirotor or camera gimbal system - find out more below

Case studies - Professional Multirotors and Camera Gimbal Systems

  1. What the professionals think of the DJI S900 Muitirotor
  2. Foundlight video productions review of the DJI Ronin-M camera gimbal system
  3. DJI Inspire 1 and NEW Inspire 1 Pro and Raw
  4. Using the Amimon Connex in the field -going digital
  5. Using the DJI Phantom 3 Professional to film extreme sports